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This script is obsolete and will not be supported and updated. Please consider using RiSearch Pro if you need to index large number of files.

RiSearch SQL


      RiSearch SQL uses MySQL in backend for index storage. This script intended for small and medium sites with 1000-10000 files and total volume about 10-100Mb. Most of its features are similar to RiSearch.


risearch_sql-0.1 (last changes 29.07.02)


  1. Script is able to work with different languages.

  2. Files can be indexed via the local filesystem or via http.

  3. A user-configurable list of stopwords.

  4. Template driven output.

  5. AND or OR search mode.

System requirements

  1. Perl (ver. 5.005 or later).

  2. MySQL.

  3. Platform: any.


Ver. 0.1 - 29.07.2020

http://risearch.org S.Tarasov, © 2000-2005