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RiMap - interactive map server

      Create own map server on your site with RiMap. RiMap plots interactive street maps of USA cities, towns and villages. Script uses data from Census TIGER/Line files, converted into own binary format.

      You can plot different layers of data and add your own data to be plotted over created image. Script can be used in connection with store locator or on real estate site to show location of your stores or available property to your customers.

      RiMap is written in Perl and does not require any external GIS software, therefore it can be used practically on any webserver and you can easily modify it or add new features. Short description of script with list of features and configuration options can be obtained here.

      Core functions of this script are released under GPL license. Extended version with additional functions (see demo below) can be obtained for small fee.


  • Script plots US highways, state highways, local roads, railroads, rivers and shoreline of oceans, lakes and big rivers.
  • Some area features (like rivers, lakes, parks or forests) can be shaded with different colors.
  • Zooming and paning function.
  • Street labels are attached to streets.
  • Labels for schools, parks, cemeteries, airports, hospitals, lakes and churches can be displayed (not in free version).
  • Maps can be created for given geographical coordinates (in free version) and for city, ZIP-code or exact street address (in paid version).
  • Data layers can be turned ON/OFF.
  • Configurable color schemes.

Why RiMap?

  • RiMap is the only map server written in Perl. You don't have to compile and install any executables, it will work on any webserver with Perl and GD library installed.
  • Script is completely platform independent, you can test it on local computer and then easily transfer to server.
  • RiMap can be ordered with huge dataset covering entire USA or with small dataset for one county only.
  • RiMap can be easily integrated into site design using templates and color schemes.
  • Unlimited number of locations and POI (points of interest) can be added and plotted on maps.
  • New features can be programmed for additional price.


      Only maps for North Dakota and Minnesota are available on this demo. Full data for entire USA is available on CDs or DVD.

Map is centered at:
Long.: -100° 46" 44' Lat.: 46° 48" 48'
(-100.779004, 46.813343)

Zoom in Zoom out


Set new location:



rimap_1.0 (free version with GPL license)
rimap_2.3 (non-free version with demo-dataset for Washington, DC)


      Please contact me if you are interested in buying this product. Price depends on the number of states you need to work with:

  • 1 state - 50$ Buy Now
  • 2 states - 75$ Buy Now
  • all states - 300$ Buy Now

      Script and datafiles will be sent by mail on CD or DVD (small databases can be sent over Internet).

2CheckOut.com Inc. (Ohio, USA) is an authorized retailer for
goods and services provided by RiSearch.


      Click on image to see large picture.


Ver. 2.5 - 13.03.2005.
Based on 2004 First Edition TIGER/LineŽ Files.
Ver. 2.4 - 21.01.2005.
Script can find coordinates of streets intrsections.
Ver. 2.3 - 24.09.2004.
New version of RiCoord is used.
Few small optimizations.
Ver. 2.1.1 - 14.08.2004.
Different color schemes can be used.
Ver. 2.1 - 10.08.2004.
Several optimizations were made.
Ver. 2.0 - 11.07.2004.
Version 2.0 is based on latest 2003 TIGER/Line files.
Ver. 1.2 - 11.06.2004.
Color filled polygons can be plotted for rivers, lakes, parks, city boundaries.
Ver. 1.1 - 08.04.2004.
Many inprovements and optimizations.
Ver. 1.0 - 17.03.2004.
First release.

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