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This script is obsolete and will not be supported and updated. Please consider using RiSearch Pro if you need to index large number of files.


      RiFlex is a further development of well known script RiSearch. It has almost all capabilities of it predecessor with greatly reduced memory requirements. With only 256 Mb RAM script is able to index few gigabytes of text files.


riflex-0.1.01 (last changes 20.02.02)
Demo version with incremental indexing
riflex_inc_0.1 (last changes 15.07.02)


  1. RiFlex does not use any libraries or database systems, just pure Perl. Therefore, it could be used on any server where you have account with CGI (even on some free hosting providers).

  2. Script is able to work with different languages.

  3. Simple and convenient query language.

  4. RiFlex uses platform independent binary files which can be used on any system. Therefore, it is possible to index local copy of your site on your home computer under Windows, and then use produced files on remote server.


Ver. 0.1.01 - 20.02.2020
Script will now work correctly with old (before 5.6.0) Perl versions.
Ver. 0.1 - 28.01.2020

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