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      Your website may be virtual, but your customers live in real world and want to visit your office. Researches show that up to 30 percent of potential customers can't find address of nearest store or branch on your website and may go to your competitors. Store locator is a important part of any commercial website and RiCoord offers incredible capabilities for low price. Script uses accurate address matching technology (by implementing powerfull geocoding algorithm) and creates interactive street maps with shown locations of your offices for customers.

      These functions normally can be found only in expensive GIS software. But RiCoord is a simple Perl script (PHP version of geocoding functions also available), which can be installed practically on any webserver.

      Price for script varies from 50$ for single state database to 200$ for entire USA database. Custom databases and additional features can be created without additional charge or for small fee (depending on the time required).


      RiCoord is a simple geocoding tool for your website, combined with map plotting function. It consists of database of USA addresses with corresponding geographical coordinates. It can be used to find location of any given address or to calculate distance between two addresses. The database is based on Census TIGER/Line files. Full database takes about 500 Mb and consists of 30000000 street block coordinates. Database for each state is stored in separate file, therefore it is possible to upload on server only database for required state and locations in other states will be calculated using ZIP code average coordinates. Compact databases for selected counties or sities can be created for registered customers.

      Please note, that database does not hold coordinates of individual buildings, it is based on street blocks coordinates. Therefore you will get the same coordinates for all buildings within the same street block. If script can't find given address in database, it tries to return closest possible location (usually coordinates of nearest block). In case script can't recognise street name, approximate coordinates based on ZIP-code will be returned.

      RiCoord can be used as "nearest dealer locator" (nearest store, ATM or brach locator) or in real estate websites, but more accurate than typical ZIP code based dealer locators, since it works with street blocks coordinates. It can be very important for finding nearest dealer within one sity, where different sides of the street can be assigned to different ZIP code and software based on ZIP code will return incorrect distance.

      RiCoord can be integrated with RiMap script (interactive street maps of USA). You can plot streets of your sity and put markers on map to show your location. Here is a working example of RiMap mapping function: click on image.

      RiCoord does not require any external software, therefore it can be used on any webserver.


      Description of available functions can be found here.


      Please contact me if you are interested in buying this database. Price depends on the number of states you need to work with (in all cases database with coordinates of ZIP codes middle-point for all states will be included to handle other states addresses):

  • 1-2 states - 50$ Buy Now
  • 3-10 states - 100$ Buy Now
  • all states - 200$ Buy Now

      Script and datafiles will be sent by mail on CD or DVD (small databases can be sent over Internet).

2CheckOut.com Inc. (Ohio, USA) is an authorized retailer for
goods and services provided by RiSearch.

Download demo

      You can download demo-version for testing. This demo-version has only one datafile - Washington DC. Other states can be purchased.
RiCoord v.3.0

Online demo

      Due to limited hard disk space on server not all states are available in this demo (currently available states: DC, MN and ND).


  • 3106, 5th Ave N
  • Grand Forks
  • 58203
  • ND
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    Ver. 3.4 - 01.02.2006.
    Based on 2005 First Edition TIGER/LineŽ Files.
    New function for interpolated coordinates.
    Ver. 3.1 - 13.03.2005.
    Based on 2004 First Edition TIGER/LineŽ Files.
    Ver. 3.0 - 21.01.2005.
    Script can find coordinates of streets intrsections.
    Ver. 2.0 - 18.09.2004.
    Non-exact matches can be found.
    Ver. 1.0 - 01.03.2004.
    First release.


          What is geocoding?

    Geocoding is a process of assigning geographical coordinates (latitude-longitude) to an postal address. Once this is done, you can plot street maps for specified address.

          How accurate is RiCoord?

    RiCoord does not have coordinates for individual buildings. Database contains only starting and ending points of a street segment (block) with address range assigned to it.

          When RiCoord fails to locate address?

    There are several cases where script will fail:

    • Ambiguous addresses - 50 Main Street and 50 W Main Street both exist.
    • New addresses.
    • Address cannot be located on a street segment, such as #1 Town Center Mall.
    • FPO, APO, or PO Boxes.
    • There are missing address ranges in database (in this situation RiCoord will return closest location, usually closest street block).
    • If an address interpolation cannot be made and the address is within the United States, the address will be geocoded using ZIP Code centroids.

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