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      There is situations when you don't want to show source of your scripts to somebody. It can be demo-version of your commercial application or you have to install your scripts on untrusted hosting. Due to the way Perl works it is impossible to hide your code completely without help of external modules, but you can made it more difficult to understand how your scripts works. This is what RiCode does. It takes script's source code and transforms it into unreadable string, which still can be used with standard Perl. You can download this file to see how your code will look like. Several things you should know before purchasing RiCode:

  • RiCode is not obfuscator, your original code will remain intact, it will be just encoded. For more protection you can use any available obfuscator before you encode your scripts.
  • RiCode will encode only main script, not modules. If you need to encode some fnctions inside module, you can put these functions to main script body.
  • You should remember, that there is no absolute protection. Any encoding is just matter of time and main idea of encoding is to make it easier to buy your script, then decode it.

      The price of script:

  • 10 USD Buy Now
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