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RiSearch Pro v.3.2 Manual

© S. Tarasov

Site update

      After you update your site it is possible to add updated and new documents into index without full reindexing. Use admin panel ("Update site").

      If you choose "update local filesystem" method, script will look for new (modified) files in all directories below base_dir. New files will be added to index, modified files will be deleted from index and reindexed. If some of the files ware deleted from your site, script will not find them, you have to delete documents from index by hands (using admin panel).

      Also you may check for new files using HTTP method. In this case script will download ALL files from your site, but only new and modified files will be added to index. Most servers do not tell "last modified" date for dynamic pages. Script will calculate check sum for every file and files with modified check sum will be reindexed.

      For big sites there is console version of this script - update.pl, you may run it using cron. You have to supply one parameter:

  •  -type=L  - L - update local filesystem (default value); H - use HTTP method.

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