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RiSearch Pro v.3.2 Manual

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  1. How to write the path to directory with HTMl files?

    Path to files in $base_dir should be written as links in HTMl files. If your site, for example, has such structure:
    base_dir should look like: '..' (or '../', if you more like it).

    In case when all scripts are located in separate subdirectory,
    you should write something like this: '../../'.

    Many servers have other directory structure:
    In such case the right path will be: '../../WWW/'.

    All these cases are valid only in situation when working directory is the directory where script is located. For most webservers it is true, however, in some webservers working directory could be the root directory of webserver. In such case you will need to edit all necessary paths (parameter base_dir, paths to database files "db/0_hash", "db/0_hashwords" and so on in config.pl, and path to config.pl in index.pl and search.pl).

    If you still have problems with paths, you may use absolute paths to files. Please note that you have to write path starting from the root of file system, not the root of webserver (/home/user1/WWW/, /home/user1/cgi/search/db/0_hash).

  2. Does RiSearch support phrase search?

    Yes, set "word_dist => 1," in configuration file. However, phrase search requires position of all words inside documents to be stored in index. It greatly increases index size and slow down search. Therefore this option should not be used for big sites (more than 10000 documents).

  3. Are there any limitations on number or size of indexed files?

    In compact index mode limit is 65535 files. Otherwise script can work with larger number of documents, but index size will be bigger.

  4. Will RiSearch work with languages other then English?

    Yes, RiSearch should work with almost any language (with 1-byte letters) after small tuning. You just need to tell him which characters are letters in your language, and how to convert capital letters to lower case.

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