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RiSearch Pro v.3.2 Manual

© S. Tarasov


      After installation you can enter password to protect admin panel from unauthorized access. Run admin.pl script and enter new password in "Change password" section. New file with password (0_passwd) will be created in script's root directory. Now all actions will be performed only if valid password was supplied. All other scripts (except search.pl and stat.pl) will not work when started from browser. If you forgot your password, enter to your server using FTP, delete file with password and enter new password from admin panel.

Delete page

      You can delete page using admin panel. Page will be not deleted, but only marked as deleted (real page removing is quite expensive operation) and will be not seen in search results. After you have deleted several thousands of pages you need to reindex your site.

      Also you can run admin.pl from comand line:

perl admin.pl -action=delete_page -url=http://www.server.com/index.htm -pass=password

or in browser with parameters:


      Group of pages can be removed automatically by specifying part of the URL and "*" at the end. For example "http://www.server.com/*" will remove all pages from specified server.

Merge indexes

      After many site updates search will become slower. This is because new files are stored in dynamic index, which is slower than main index. You may merge both indexes together using merge.pl script. This operation can cause heavy server load and should be run during night time for big sites. You have to merge indexes after you add about 500-1000 documents.

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