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RiSearch Pro v.3.2 Manual

© S. Tarasov

Add new document

      New documents can be added to index through admin panel. You can add only one document or all documents from specified site. In last case you have to input filter rules for this site (or default filter rules from config file will be used).

      If you want to add big site, it is not recommended to use admin panel (server may kill script before it will finish work and index can be damaged). Use console version of this script (add.pl). You can run this script with following parameters:

  1.  -url=http://www.server.com/  - starting URL.

  2.  -type=P  - indexing mode (P - only one page will be indexed; S - all site will be indexed).

  3.  -rules=filter_filename  - file with filter rules (if no file is specified, default rules will be used).

  4.  -list=filename  - file with list of URLs (one URL per line).

  5.  -login=login  - login or access to closed sections of your site (if any).

  6.  -password=password  - password for access to closed sections of you site.

      All these parameters are optional. Script will use default values from configuration file for missing parameters. If no "type" is specified, only one file will indexed.


  •  perl add.pl -url=http://www.server.com/ -type=P  - add one page.

  •  perl add.pl -url=http://www.server.com/ -type=S  - add whole site http://www.server.com/ (default filter rules will be used).

  •  perl add.pl -url=http://www.server.com/ -type=S -rules=filename  - add whole site http://www.server.com/ (filter rules will be taken from file "filename").

  •  perl add.pl -list=filename -type=P  - add list of pages.

  •  perl add.pl -list=filename -type=S  - add list of sites.

      This script (add.pl) also can be run from browser, like http://www.server.com/cgi-bin/add.pl?url=http://www.server.com/new_page.htm. These way you may allow to add new pages by your visitors (in configuration file  allow_visitor_add_page => 1,  should be set). New documents will be available for search right after you add them.

      You can stop this script by pressing "Ctrl-C". To continue use "spider.pl":

 perl spider.pl -action=restart 

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